The Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, the place of legends (and a few ghost stories!) is now high on my agenda of places to stay.

Opened in 1927, its been a home away from home to some of Hollywoods hottest stars, Marilyn Monroe stayed here when her modelling career started to take off (one of her first shoots took place on the pool diving board) and now is said to haunt the ballroom. The silent film star Clara Bow was a guest as well as notable ladies man and crooner Mr Sinatra. Seems like the cream of the crop of old school Hollywood have stayed at the Roosevelt. And why not? The Academy Award began its illustrious award ceremonies there in 1929. What better place to have a Hollywood moment than at the Roosevelt Hotel?
Now to start saving those pennies. A night at the hotel doesnt come cheap, but to have said you stayed in the room once frequented by Elizabeth Taylor and layed by the pool with young Hollywood? Now wouldnt that be a story.


Love V