I always think of something to write in the most unusual places. While picking out lunch, or walking down the biscuit aisle of the supermarket. Honestly, i think my thoughts are run by my stomach.

Today is a dull day. Dont get me wrong, i have plentry of work to do, a list at least 4 shoeboxes long of things that need to be done, i just dont want to do them. Ive hit that point in a week/month or year, where you re-evaluate your life and if it is going in the right direction. I have no idea. Honestly. I keep coming back to the thought that “you only live once” or “life is for living, not for dreaming” and am starting to think that there is so much better out there. The only problem is you need money to do all those things. Id like to climb Mt Kilamanjaro, see the pyramids, ride in a gondola and drive down route 66, but until i have the money (or win the lottery – which isnt an option because i never buy a lotto ticket anyway), my dreams are going to have to wait.

This is a common affliction, I’ve been told, of those in generation Y. The ones that want to be at the top now, rather than working for it, or wanting more money for much less work. We tend to have resumes full of 6 month stints at jobs and potential employers see us as flighty. Im blaming this on the previous generation. the ones that have told us that we can achieve greatness and that we can have whatever we want. They just forgot to tell us, it usually takes 20 years to reach that greatness (oh and the big pay check).

So here i am, sitting at my desk, surrounded by paper, pens and post it notes, with a line of emails from my director “reminding me” of the emails i need to reply to (yes, they are on my 4 shoe box size list) dreaming of laying in the sunshine while counting the amount of paychecks it will take until i can say “see you in 3 weeks!” as i leave for the airport.

Love V