I usually find things to write about simple, but tonight it is a different story. Ive put down at least 3 titles, and started numerous paragraphs, but they dont seem to read right, so i gave up trying to “think” of something, and thought id just write what im feeling insted.

Im homesick. When i close my eyes I can smell the ocean in the morning, and the cool breeze on my face, i can feel the cat at the bottom of my bed, its head resting on my foot and her calm purring. I can hear my mum making a cup of tea, the tinkling of the teaspoon in the mug and i can taste the soup my nanna knew to make when i was unwell.

Its these thoughts and images that both hinder and fuel my need to be my own person. Thats why i moved to Melbourne in the first place. I wanted somthing i knew i could have if i just had the courage to take that step. Now the step just keeps getting further away and my ideas fo adventures change. Next i want to be overseas, but will the scents and the sounds get stronger or will they start to fade? will the need to “go home” ever actually go away, or is it not ment to?

They say “home is where the heart is” but what if your heart is in many places at once? Does that mean you have more than one home? Id like to think so. My heart is here with all my friends and the life i have built for myself, but its also back with my family, the ones i had to leave behind in order to find myself and create my own life. Im always going to be drawn to the ones ive left behind, the sights and sounds because thats where my life began, so i dont think, no matter where i am in the world, will the sights and sounds ever fade away, becasue, when i close my eyes and its quiet, i can still hear the crashing of the waves, feel the salt on my skin, my mums hugs,hear my brothers music and my sisters laughs and i can even smell my dads aftershave that makes me sneeze.

Memories will last a lifetime, and will make me sad, but happy that i have so many to share

Love V