Everytime i sing this song, it reminds me of summers growing up, spending hours at the beach and not getting sunburnt. Now in my mid 20s i can be outside for less than an hour and im as red as a tomato. Typical.

Oh to have the imagination of a 8 year old when at the beach, i would create sandcastles fit for princesses, with giant mouts that my brother would help dig, so deep that they were almost rivers. Then we would watch as a giant wave was determined to overthrow our little kingdom. Then as the sand was turned to mud, we would start again….entertained for hours with only a bucket, a spade and some seashells.

It seems that so many of the childhood pleasures just disapper as you get older, and its a shame. Wouldnt it be nice, if only for one day, you could revert back to that little kid, who enjoyed drawring pictures in the sand, played “chasy” with the waves and delighted when you found a hermit crab in a rockpool. Now, those innocent frivolities are taken for granted. The thought of giggling when a wave hits you and knocks you over is seen as childish and stupid.

This summer, im bringing childhood back. i will run from waves, build sandcastles, run through sprinklers and collect seashells. I will laugh when the cold water knocks the breath out of me and i will savor every moment of the sunset, while eating an icecream of course.

Enjoy summer darlings

Love V