So in the past couple of days i think i have made a mistake. One i didnt mean to make, it was honestly unintentional, but nevertheless it was made. I tried to put my thoughts and feelings across about a situation maturely and with alot of thought, but it all came out wrong. Insted of making any sense, i angered myself and that of the person who these feelings relate. And now, i feel like a train has hit me, and i cant take back the words i said because i wont be believed.

Basically i tried to tell this person i needed things to not be so serious between us. I wanted the spark to come back, the joy and the craziness of our unique situation to fill me with joy again. Insted, the conversation got heated, and im afraid i may have said something i wasnt really feeling.

Why do things always have to go wrong for me? i try my hardest to be honest and open. but this just backfires and lets me down everytime. Im afraid now, that i have lost something, something i wasnt meaning to loose.

If i could only get my words out right the first time, without resorting to saying things i dont really mean, i wouldnt have this problem. Insted, i now have to pick up the pieces one by one. If only there was a vacuum cleaner for a broken heart, life would be much easier to clean up and put back together.

My thought for today: tell someone you love, how much they mean to you and dont let today pass by without smiling.

Love V