I would realy like to take off on an adventure soon. Ive been frantically entering a competition to win a trip to Canada and a stay at Banff. Ive literally got at least 300 entries into this thing. If i dont win, im going to be shattered. if i do win, i will have to figure out who to take with me. And that could be hard.

In the mean time im going to plan a trip to LA and NY for my 27th bithday, i might even swing by London town on my way home. If i could get there within 12 months i would, but seeing as i cant save for the life of me, im predictig its going to take a little longer than expected.

Any one who wishes to sponsor my next adventure. please get in contact via this blog. I will tattoo your name to my backside in appreciation 🙂

Thanks in advance

Love V