She woke with a start, her eyes all puffy from crying. she expected him to be by her side, but he wasnt. he was a dream,an apparition. she could see right through him to the room behind him. the moonlight falling through the window and hitting the mirror casting a glow ove the room.

She had never met this man that sat before her, yet she knew every bone in his body. She didnt know the warmness of his skin or the coolness of his breath. she didnt know the feeling of being wrapped in his arms or the smell of his cologne. she didnt know anythig about him, except that he was always sitting in front of her. a window and miles seperating them being together.

she dreamt of this man every night, the way his voice sounded and the way he touched her hair. she dreamed of being wrapped in his arms where no one would ever be able to get to her. she woke ever morning alone and afraid, her stomach tied in knots, unable to breathe. afraid he would never come and take her away as he had promised in her dreams.

days passed where she was like a zombie, unable to eat and just wanting to sleep so she could see his face again. People started talking as if she wasnt there. she knew she had to do something, but what, she couldnt think. Then one night it came to her. an endless sleep. one where he would be in her dreams for eternity, where she could be held in his stong arms and never be let go. Where he was always going to be right in front of her so she could smell his cigarettes and his cologne. Where he was more than just her imagination. With him on her mind, washed down with a bottle of vodka she was flying through the air and started dreaming again.