Sometimes it feels like everything is going so fast that i cant keep up, work, life, friends. Its days like this that i get the most homesick because back home, life was simple, the beach and its long sandy beaches, perfect for clearing the head were close by.

Although i live in a fantastic city, full of vibrant people, surrounded by art and music, things that make my mind tick over. Still with all of this stimulations, i sometimes feel like something is missing. And when i think about it, its usually the normality of home. the smell of the freshly cleaned laundry (that no matter how i try i just cant replicate), mums cooking, the noise of my brothers and sisters or just the unconditional love of the household pets. now the catch is, when im actually at home, im missing Melbourne. Where is it that you can draw the line and actually feel ok??

i guess the answer lies in the fact that you have to take the good and the bad in a situation, time or place. That you dont let the homesickness take over and not let you remember the good. The darkness will always give way to the light and i guess, its something that needs to be remembered.

Love V