Leading up to Valentines day, the shops are full of red hearts, roses and chcolates and i cant help but feel slightly nausiated. Dont get me wrong, Im a hopeless romantic and i love the surprise of receiveing flowers at work, or dinner cooked for me, but Valentines to me, seems a little overated. Feb 14 seems to be a day where “i love you” is screemed from the rooftops, bells are rung and lovers embrace, but what about every other day? Shouldnt the days before and after Feb 14 be just as important? Shouldnt those days be filled with love and laughter and heart shaped chocolates?

Love is confusing business.
Its been the cause of so many wars, deaths and heartaches, yet its caused a whole heap of happiness and laughter as well.

I guess love really does make the world go round, up and down.


Love V

ps. and just so you know, I do love you