I want to etch my love for you into my skin, the way lovers did before the time of myspace
I want to hold your hand and not let go, the way a child holds onto her mothers before her first day of school
I want to reach out and touch your face, so that i know that it is real
I want to dance under the moonlit sky, just so i can feel alive
I want to cry for all the times ive been let down, but then i may never stop
I want to dine under a tree, with candles and soft music, just so i can relax and not have to worry about anything
I want to go home and crawl into bed, so that i may dream sweet dreams
I want to sit on a swing, and go so high that it looks like im flying
I want to believe that anything is possible, that no matter how far away you are, its going to be ok
This is on account of my loving you forever.