The best thing about living in such a big city is the fact that on days like today, you can go outside on your lunch break and feel like you are in a completely different city. Its as if you were on holiday!

Today my friend and i went and sat in the sun at the state library. It was glorious. The grass was roped off but was so lush and green all i wanted to do was take off my shoes and squish my toes into it. People had crowded onto the steps to catch as much of the suns rays as possible. Impecably tailored suits walked by and sat on the steps before taking off their jacket, people talked in a flurry of different languages and the pidgeons had a field day with the bread crumbs scattered on the floor.

It was a delightful, Melbourne autumn day. Now sitting back in my office, im hoping for another little “holiday” sometime soon

Enjoy the sunshine darlings.

Love V