I have just been reading one of my favourite blogs and came across this delightful resort in the Seychelles. Maia, named after the daughter of Pleiades (from Greek Mythology) was known as the most beautiful of his 7 daughters and its not hard to see why the resort was given its name.


Encorporating the philosophy’s of Body, Mind and Spirit, Maia is an oasis of calm in a world full of deadlines and fast food. Its a place of rediscovery, of spiritual and mental awakening and its not hard to imagine yourself, falling asleep under the warmth of the Seychelles sun dreaming about that dip in the cool ocean you are going to take as the sun sets on another glorious day.


They say that you arrive at Maia as the centre of a lotus blossom (the symbol of Maia) and leave as a opened flower ready and aware for the next step in your journey.

I know where i would like to be right now thats for sure! I thik its time to start saving those pretty pennies for a Seychelles experience.

Love V