Ahh, today my bestie and I viewed the most adorable little house that i instantly fell in love with. The feeling we got when we walked in the door was instantaneous. I felt like the walls dipped down in welcome. It just felt like home and from that second, it had to be ours.
Now, id almost given up hope that there would be that illusive place out there that would make me all warm and fuzzy. The lines outside inspections were getting longer and longer, the houses messier and messier, then today….it seemed like a little ray of sunshine on a rainy gray day.

Im getting ahead of myself though, we dont know if we have the house yet, but im being positive and saying a little prayer to the gods of good fortune, that they throw some luck our way.

“Starlight, Starbright, the first star i see tonight,
I wish i may, i wish i might,
That i get the wish i wish tonight”

So with that my dears, i ask that you make a wish on the first star you see tonight, that the real estate gods shine down on me and grant me the little house of my dreams.

Love V