Good morning my lovlies!
I have a penchant for hats, Wouldnt it be lovely if like back in the day, we all put on a cute little number before we left the house. Ah i can but dream.

I tend to buy one every winter but never wear them. This year though i am in desperate need of a cloche hat. and i plan on wearing it! So if anyone knows where i can find one, let me know!

This morning i came across a website called “Hey Sailor!” its a divine offereing of retro styled hats that are sure to ignite the imagination of even the most discerning fashionista. They even have an Etsy store where you can purchase your latest handmade millinary crush.

Kat Toronto, the designer of Hey Sailor! has this to say about her designs:

“Much of the inspiration for my hats comes from the glamorous era of the 1930’s and 1940’s, I cannot help but begin to salivate at the sight of a pert little tilt hat with gratuitously flowing veil and hand crocheted snood.”

Hope you enjoy your day darlings!

Love V