Its time to make lemonade people! That’s right, my life recently has gone into a slight tailspin. They say things happen in 3’s… well for me its been more like 5’s and I’m starting to get tired of the drama. There is only so much a girl can handle before she has to hit the ground running and find a new pair of shoes to take the pain away you know? Honestly I could prob sell my story to Home and Away and they would turn it into a Logie winning episode.

So that’s what I’m going to do, write down my stories and turn it into a book called “How not to meet a guy on the internet and other stories – A survival guide for hopelessly romantic women”. If the title is anything to go by, you can pretty much guess what has happened over the past 14 days.

So there is a little teaser people, keep posted for a little more of the story tomorrow, right now I’m off to squeeze out some bad lemons and make something delicious out of something so sour.

Love V