As of right now, i feel more stressed than I have over the past 2 weeks. I seriously thought that packing up one house and moving to another and having a boy you so diligently liked for over a year decide they dont want to speak to you ever again would be way more stressful than what is happening right now, but suprisingly isnt. Whats stressing me out right this very moment, is the incompetancy of people to help each other out.

I work in the buzzing world of advertising, in an agency where no two day are the same and unrealistic deadlines become part of a normal day. In my job, team work is as essential as breathing air. Its when one person decides they dont want to do their part, or they push back is when things start to crumble, and me being the client contact person (aka account manager) it all falls on me to smooth things over with the client.

So now you can imagine why i feel like my head is about to explode (and it also doesnt help that i seem to be getting a cold). Someone in the chain is not pulling their weight and its been left to me, to pick up the pieces.

So in the act of trying to get my heart beat back to its normal speed, ive closed my office door and taken some time out to look through the lovely images of Chelsea who also has a blog here

So i shall leave you with this delightful image i found on Chelsea’s blog, that just by looking at it, has made me feel so much better.


Love V