Phew! What a Monday! Ive had to take a little time out of my busy day in order to keep some sense of sanity. I came into work to a nice tidy desk, now its littered with paper, post it notes and paperclips. I think there might even be a ruler somewhere hiding under that submission document I need to proof read……

Today I saw my first Spring Fashion festival show for this year (more to come this week! So excited). I will post a little review later tonight with some of my pictures, so stay tuned!

In the mean time, take a look at these AWESOME shoes by Danish designer Camilla Skovgaard




Aren’t they the most beautiful creations! With fans like Vanessa Hudgens and Halle Berry, this shoe designer with her roots in Arabic fashion (she designed clothes for the Gulf Sheik’s wives and daughters) is well on her way to becomeing the next big thing!

Unfortunatly for us here in Australia, these divine creations can only be found in my home city of Perth at La Boudior. Looks like a trip home is on the cards!

Love V