I’ve never really had any problems with couriers before. I’ve ordered things online, and they have been delivered promptly to my address without any hassles…..until this week.

I decided I would give Net-A-Porter a go and order my little sisters Christmas present online. I found the most perfect thing which I knew she would love (I cant tell you what it is as she reads this blog and it needs to be a secret!), so I placed the order, got a tracking number and waited. And waited. And waited.

Then a call came through from DHL (the courier company) asking if I received my order and if everything was ok (um shouldnt they know if I had or not? They delievered it!) To which i replied, “um no, i havent actually” Which started the chain of events Im venting about right now. Apparently DHL delivered my sisters present to the WRONG ADDRESS! How could that happen I have no idea. They told me someone signed for it on the floor below my work. So I went down to ask….the person they said that signed for it doesnt exist, so back on the phone to DHL I went…. 4 phone calls later and Im still not any closer to finding it. What makes me even angrier is that DHL havent been very helpful at all. Im having to call THEM back, shouldn’t they be calling me to keep me updated on their progress of finding out what happend? Not me asking them what’s happening? What is really frustrating is that their website is saying that my package is still sitting in their warehouse, yet the person on the phone is saying its been delievered. So what is it?!?

Im glad I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on the website because If I had, who know what would happen to my order, but still I did spend a significant amount and Im mighty angry that this is happening.

So vent over for the time being….everyone say a little prayer that my Net-A-Porter order turns up and I dont have to stress anymore.

Love V