Spring Racing Carnival is in full swing here in Melbourne. Going to the races is a great time to be a Hepburn girl for the day. Here are my rules for standing out for all the right reasons, not the wrong ones:

1. The Races are not a nightclub, so dress appropriately . This means no plunging necklines and super short skirts. Oh, and leave the excessive bling for Saturday night. It is daytime after all!
Dont do this

2. Have fun with your outfit. Accessories and hats are a great way to do this.
Do this

3. Remember that you will be standing up for alot of the day, so wear shoes that are comfortable. Walking home barefoot is NOT a good look especially when you are in a gorgeous dress.

4. Dont drink to much. Alternate water with your drinks and remember to eat.

5. Leave the fancy dress at home. .
Dont do this

6. Research what the dress style for the day is. Derby Day is traditionally black and white, Cup day more colourful, Oaks day very feminine, Stakes day is family day so have fun with your outfit.

7. Above all, be yourself, own your look and be confident.

Love V

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