I think the last 5 days have totally caught up with me today. The up and down weather has done nothing for my health. Im pretty sure Im bound to end up with a cold sometime soon. Today I woke up feeling so faint that I was convinced I was going to topple over on the walk to the tram stop. But I made it to work as I feel way to guilty taking time off (stupid i know).

At least I have had a good run the past few days, so I cant realy complain. Days spent catching up with friends, sitting in the sunshine, then freezing in the rain, eating good food and having some laughs.

I was talking about these shoes to a friend (Hi Kat!) on Monday night whilst enjoying dinner with friends in St Kilda. Aren’t they just sublimely gorgeous! Too bad Net-A-Porter have sold out because they would have made the perfect festive season party shoe. Dont you think? The sparkles add some merry cheer that would certainly brighten up a little black dress and make it sensational.

miu miu

Hope you all have a lovely day. Im off to have a cup of tea, hoping it will help make me feel a little better.

Love V

Shoes by Miu Miu