I just want to set the record straight. To those that have made comment on my last post “Living in the past” I am well aware that the 40’s were a time of hardship and distress for millions of people. The post was only about my love for the fashions of the day, not about glorifying what happened in the decade.

Woman during the second world war were so resourceful with the way they dressed, simplicity was key but in my mind, still beautiful. They made do with what they had, but still kept their feminity.

I do sometimes think i was born in the wrong decade. I have a high respect for the woman and the men living in that era. I had family involved in the war and as a history buff, the lifestyles of those in that time, interest me. As someone who hasn’t had to live through such a time I can only imagine what it was really like. Hollywood, yes has glorified the era and made things more romantic than they really were and there is always going to be a certain romanticism for a man in uniform but as long as you know the real story, I dont believe that its harmful to love/admire the way woman dressed, the fashions that came out of the hardship and the way that people pulled through such a difficult time.

Love V