Its scorching hot in Melbourne today. Im kind of glad that Im in my cool office while the sun beats down on the pavement, but I wouldnt say no to a trip down the coast and some playing in the ocean.

Its also getting the the oone month to go stage before I fly home to Perth for 3 weeks of family get-togethers, seeing friends, lazing by the pool and playing with the dogs. Its my favourite time of year because I get to catch up on all the things that have been going on, eat as much festive food as I want and not feel guilty AND I get to see my little baby cousin who I havent seen since he was born.

Thats the downside about living in another state or another country, things move on around you, and you dont realise how time flies until you miss out on something important. But thankfully I have family and friends that update me so regularly, that its almost as if I have never left.

But what I wouldn’t give to right now, be on Cottesloe Beach, sitting eating fish and chips then heading over to the pub for a beer…… Hurry up Christmas Holidays!!

Love V