Days like today make me remember why I love Melbourne so much. I woke up to the sound of rain on my window, the gentle pitter patter that made me want to spend the day all curled up under the blanket just listening. Melbourne when it rains, takes on almost a magical atmosphere. The lights from the heritage buildings gleam yellow through the lead windows, the neon billboards shooting colours onto the rain soaked pavement, and bright umbrellas peaking out every so often in the sea of black crossing the street.

Although its not winter anymore, and the other side of the country are experiencing beach weather, rain in Melbourne makes me feel like Im in another country. Almost on holiday, but not quite. Even more so, when the streets are decorated with everything christmassy and brass bands playing carols as you walk down the street. Melbourne feels so alive that even though I am counting down the days to my trip home, its nice to be here right now.

Love V