It’s a new year and a new decade, this year I’m going to be making a few slight changes. First, is to move my room around a little. I got home from my trip to a room that didn’t real “right” any more, so some re-organisation of furniture is first on the agenda!

I have a wall in my room just like the one in the photo below, except without the black paint. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the effect the dark paint has on the wall, it’s like the fireplace just POPs!

I’ve seemed to grow out of colour on walls. Growing up, one of the walls in my childhood bedroom was Schiaparelli pink. It was fantastic for a teenager, but now, Im all for the simplicity of crisp white, that is until I saw these images. Now I’m wanting to head to the paint store and stock up on black paint! Too bad I live in a rental and the landlord would just about kill me should I dare try!

Love V

Images via Door 16