Its Friday and I finally got through my first week back at work, away from the ocean without tooo much drama. Ok, I cracked yesterday and got a decent serving of post holiday blues, but Im ok now, raring to go into the weekend with a smile. I couldn’t help starting to think warm and happy thoughts when I saw these photos from Garance Dore and The Sartorialist of their trip to Brazil.

The colours are so warm and inviting. I can almost feel the sensation of having just walked out of a cool place into the scorching heat of the sun. Blinded by all the colours with the faint sound of the waves and the air tinged with salt.

My aunt is Brazilian and images like these make me want to pack a suitcase with my nices bathers, get a spary tan and jump on the next plane out, just so I can experience for myself all the things she speaks about when I get a chance to talk to her. Maybe one day, I’ll get the chance, but for now I’ll have to just live in my daydreams.

Love V

Images from Garance and The Sartorialist