It’s high summer in Australia but you wouldn’t know it in Melbourne at the moment. Yesterday the rain was pouring down, the wind was chilly and I slept with socks on. Today although slightly warmer isn’t much better. This unseasonally cold weather makes me think of what Im going to be wearing in the winter months (and what I could be wearing right now if it wasn’t going to abruptly change back to summer in the next couple of days – or so they forecast).

And so I came across these gorgeous caramel boots.

Now I’ve never been one to wear flat boots, fearing that they make an already short me, even shorter and stumpier, favouring the sky high heel to give me some height. But as most Melbourne girls know, trying to navigate the cobblestoned paths and walking most places doesn’t look too favourable on the stiletto (in fact, I probably spend more money getting heels re-capped than I do on a new pair) so a flat boot seems the most sensible option. Plus these ones just look so damn hot that i cant really resist. But I’m currently on a self imposed shoe buying ban until next season so I’m going to have to (for the moment) just look and at approx $600 for these boots, I’m going to need that little extra time to save up for them.

Love V

Images from Net-a-Porter