I love fashion photography, especially those featured in advertisements. As a girl who works in marketing my walls are covered in fashion ads. I see the flaws and I see the brilliance. There are times when I come across a campaign for a brand and I stop in my tracks. My heart beats a little faster, I get in real close to the magazine or webpage and just take it in. Thats when I know that what Im seeing is a good ad. It doesnt matter to me if the models been photoshopped to an inch of her life, if the ad tells me a story in the picture, if the colours attract me and if the wording draws me deeper into the product then its job is done. To me is a sign of a good ad campaign.

Hermes as a fashion brand consistantly produce good advertising campaigns. They are simple, they tell a story and you dont have to think too much about what it’s trying to promote. Most importantly they are consistant. Every season, the layout is the same, the photographer captures the same kind of feel and you instantly can recognise that the ad is one for Hermes. Thats brilliant marketing.

The latest campaign to come out from Hermes is for S/S 2010 featuring Karlie Kloss. I love the colours, the texture, the movement and the composition.

I think Karlie Kloss was the perfect choice for this campaign. The innocence of her youth perfectly matches the story/message Hermes are trying to get across. And as they say, if the shoe fits…..

Love V

Images via This is Glamorous