Yesterday I learnt 4 things. That’s right, 4. Coincidently it was Runway 4 at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week showing some very cool and wearable designs by some of my favourite Australian designers. So here goes…..

  1. I need to invest in a good camera. My little one won’t cut it and is frankly embarrassing to carry to these events, especially when the people in the crowd looked so awesome. Plus I can’t get a decent low light shot of the runway.
  2.  Too many accessories CAN be a bad thing. Especially when you’re petite and the amount of necklaces and bracelets look like it’s going to make you topple over under the weight of them.
  3. If you are approaching the age of 50, its time to leave the Black Rats to your daughters.
  4. If I’m to be cool this season, I need to buy some bobby socks. Preferably in Lurex.

Later I’ll give you a review of the show, just a hint, the standout for me was the amazing collection was Lucette, a brand I didn’t really know much about until I went last night. It’s always good to discover something new!

Love V