Im so excited. Today Im flying home for a couple of days then heading off to Bali with my sisters and mum for a much needed girls vacation. I love flying, knowing that I can sit for a few hours, not having to worry about work, or home, or being on the go is relaxing. It also helps to have a cute boy sit next to me, but Im not being picky.

My flying outfit tends to consist of things in my wardrobe that are comfortable and that wont restrict me from contorting into a ball when trying to fall asleep against the window. I’ll never be a Victoria Beckham and dress like Im going to a hip bar while flying, instead I wear something similar everytime to this:


My flying essentials include:
1. leggings
2. oversized tshirt
3. long line cardigan that I can wrap around me like a blanket
4. ballet flats
5. simple make up including eyeliner, blush and mascara
6. Lip balm is a must for keeping chapped lips at bay in the dry air plane air
7. bag big enough to fit my magazine, book, ipod and purse (currently loving Alexander Wang Rocco bag)

What are your flying essentials?