What a weekend. Ive just come back from four amazing days at Mt Buller snowboarding with one of my best friends and even though I have sore muscles and a few awesome bruises, I cant wait to go back. I’ve never been a girl that got big into skate boarding or surfing like other Perth girls so its actually nice to find something that I really enjoy doing and want to get better at. This season I was lucky enough to get given a board for my birthday (thanks Adam & Bea!) so it was great to be able to use my own gear and get a feel for the way it rides. Granted Im not very good (yet) but Im getting there and the lesson I took on Thursday really helped build some confidence so now Im not afraid of flying down the mountain and linking turns.

There is something special about flying down a mountain. Its so peaceful. The fresh air, the sun on your face and the feeling of being completely free. But for now its back to work.