Right, it’s about time I got back into the blogging game as it’s been a while. But I do have a (kinda) good excuse – I’ve been on holiday in Canada. And my gosh it was amazing. Apart from wiping out on my snowboard and ending up in the mountain clinic at Whitefish Montana, it was a pretty dam awesome trip.

Before Canada though, my sister and I shopped up a storm in Los Angeles. Now Im not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t what I got. Maybe I had watched too many episodes of The Hills and thought that there were cute cafes and bars everywhere, alas there was not (or at least not where I was!) but there was some awesome shopping! Favourite part of LA definetely has to be Santa Monica. If I was to go back – and Im sure I will – Santa Monica is where I would head.

After paying alot in excess luggage, we finally arrived in Vancouver, now that was a city after my own heart! With a sea plane trip over the city and a ride up to Whister, nothing more could be said about Vancouver than WOW. I fell in love and will most certainly be back.

Then after some leisurely tourist things, we were back on a plane (this time a tiny little one) on our way into the Kootenay Mountains to visit our brother and do some snowboarding. With roadtrips down to Montana and up to Banff, we got a great amount of riding in. I might not be as good as I had hoped to have been, but I can always try again this winter.