Ok, Its seriously a new season here in Melbourne today now that we don’t have daylight savings. I’m sitting in the office and it’s DARK OUTSIDE. Yup. This time last week, I could go home and it still be light enough for me to daydream on my walk from the tram stop. Now all I’m thinking about is getting home and into my brand new pj’s. Ahhh winter.

Anyway, I digress. Onto the topic of today’s post. Stripes. I LOVE stripes. A Breton top will get me every time. I used to think that stripes weren’t for girls with curves, but I think no matter what your shape, there is a stripe for you! Me, I prefer mine a little baggy – that way the fabric drapes in all the right places. I’m especially partial to a stripe that’s been made out of a bamboo cotton. If you know the feel of bamboo cotton, you’ll know exactly what I’m on about.

Now to go with the flowy stripe top you need, skinny pants. So this outfit (by the lovely Sydney of The Daybook) is my perfect weekend outfit (Including the beanie!) You might even find me, sans beanine in this type of outfit, sans beanie for a day at the office.

Image from The Daybook