Whilst the UK has Topshop, the US has Gap, and Spain, Zara, it’s great to have an Australian fashion retailer that keeps on top of the trends and makes it easy for us who don’t have a celebrity’s budget to still stay on the fashion radar. And that’s where Sportsgirl comes in.

I’ll always remember when I was 18 and had my first Christmas job – sales assistant at Sportsgirl. All those clothes, and all those accessories! I thought I was in fashion heaven. Maybe that job was what started an ever increasing taste for fashion and style. What I like most about Sportgirl, is their ability to transcend the ages. As an 18 year old I could shop there, and now as one in the upper spectrum of the 20’s I still head to Sportsgirl when I need something that’s on trend, or just plain pretty for a night out.

I’ve liked Antipodium, since I first saw a collection of quirky yet cool designs, it also didn’t hurt that my sister bought one of their cool dresses before I could get my hands on one (sibling rivalry anyone!), so I’m really looking forward to the Antipodium collection hitting Sportsgirl stores. It’s the best of both worlds!

Anyway, if you’re as keen as I am to get your hands on some cool threads, just in time for summer, keep an eye on the Sportsgirl website. In the meantime, here are a couple of pieces I’m looking forward to trying on.