After months of pondering, changing my mind, being persuaded by others, I took the plunge and chooped of my hair.
Now to some, it might not be dramatic, my hair wasn’t to my waist but for someone who has been growing (trying) my hair, it was the most drastic thing I have done in years (bar getting tattooed).

Now my experience was made even more gut-wrenching for the fact that I haven’t had a regular salon to go to in over 6 months after “braking up” with my last one so I had to take a gamble and try someplace new. Thank goodness I chose Shibui on Toorak Road South Yarra. Not only was I treated like I had been going there regularly for years but they were also perfectionists (twice I was returned to the basin for more toner) so that when I finally looked up after my cut and colour, all that worry was for absolute nothing! And now Im in love with my new short(er) hair! I might even take it a little shorter next time!

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