It seems like I’m always lacking the motivation to get my thoughts on paper (or blog as the case ay be) yet I never struggle to find time to grab a coffee or a new pair of shoes. I blame my awkward laptop and its never ending quest to leave me befuddled by its lack of speed, its tendancy to break down while im in the middle of something important and the agonising time it takes just to boot it up. So what am I going to do about it? Buy a new computer?? I think it’s my only choice.

Well the year has started, I have spent 2 glorious weeks back in the family cocoon basking in sunshine that would melt icecaps with a sky thats the most beautiful cerulean blue with air sweetly scented by the smell of the ocean and coconut suncream. But it’s back to reality today and the desk in the office that tends to be the complete opposite of warm and frankly makes me wish I had a down filled blanket wrapped all around me.

As with every year, promises are made (and broken) and things said that are better off being kept close, but this year is going to be big. I can just feel it. Maybe it’s a change that I have subconciously made or maybe it’s just me growing up and getting wiser, but one things for sure, this year I will be all of the things I want to be.

Image from Out Came the Sun