I’m having a style dilemma. It feels like what I like to wear, is contradicting  what I want to buy.  Now it’s a tricky situation.  I could just go out shopping and buy the things that I find appealing on the rack, yet I know as soon as I get home, they will be yet annother piece that’s banished to the back of the closet and worn only once.

You see the pieces that Im drawn too in the shops are all girly, colourful, got full skirts or longer hems.  They sit on the waist and only really look nice with stilletto heels and lady like accessories.  What I like to wear however, is a little more tom boy.  Think Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson or even Erin Wasson.  I’d be more the happy wearing every day, skinny jeans, with a silk over sized top or t shirt, skirts with boots or wedges, simple accessories with a huge handbag.  I’m a walking contradiction!

I guess the one thing that I need to keep reminding myself is not to go overboard with trends.  It’s easy to get carried away by the dresses with floral print and full skirts but will you actually ever wear them?  Are you just buying them because you feel the need to “fit in” with what everyone else is buying or wearing?  Style and fashion are two different things.  A woman can have exceptional style by wearing her clothes like they were made just for her. Its the woman wearing the clothes not the clothes wearing the woman. Whereas fashion comes and goes.  Today is ladylike glamour tomorrow its back to the 80’s.

So next time I have an urge to go buy myself something new, I’ll look at the pieces that Im drawn too, I might even try one or two on, but I’ll not let myself get down because they “don’t feel me”. Instead, I’ll embrace my style, I’ll wear it confidently and I wont let myself get swayed to think that the sunray pleat skirt will be a good purchase because after all, I know what I’ll wear and what will end up being banished to the back of the closet in a weeks time.