Currently my Facebook page is being inundated by photographs my brothers are posting of the last 3 months in Tahoe USA. As much as Im happy for them being away on another adventure, Im exceptionally jealous. See this time last year, I was galavanting around Canada, being knocked off my feet on my snowboard, discovering new cultures, and generally falling in love with minus 30 degree days…. who would have thought, this girl from sunny Perth would become a snow bunny?!? Well it happened and as they say the rest is history, except the fact that I’m no where near snow at the moment (the closest snow in the Southern Hemispehere at this moment is in Mt Hutt, New Zealand caused by a freakishly severe cold front).

There are days when I wish I could jet away on another adventure, but I know my time will come. It just takes a little saving, a little organising and a little (or a lot!) of time saved up in annual leave. For now, I’m going to have to live vicariously through photographs and make snowboard turns in my dreams. maybe oneday soon I’ll be able to go, if only for a few days, on another little adventure of my own.

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