Last night, I had the pleasure of attending City & Color’s sold out Melbourne show at the glorious old Palais theatre. Now you could’t ask for a better venue for some folk rock music. No standing up amoungst the teenage girls scrambling to get to the front to be as close as possible to the stange “just in case” the artist notices them and decides that they are the girl of their dreams. No, it was quite civilised and very grown up.

And what a show it was. Of course it does help just a little that Dallas Green is a complete dreamboat, but It’s shows like that where I wish I had kept up with my music, picked up a guitar and hadn’t been afraid of failure.
It seems like lately, I’ve been reminising more than usual about things that could have been, should have been or would have been instead of accepting where I am and what brought me to this place. Maybe its the universe telling me a change is in the air or maybe it’s a sign and that anything I dream up is possible, I just need the courage to try……