I am so excited that I can finally announce this to you all. It’s been some time in the making (21 years to be exact!) But I have decided it’s finally time I move to London.

I remember the day so vividly when I decided that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I was 8 years old and had to put together a report on a city for class. I didn’t know much about another country other than the paternal side of my family came to Australia 40 odd years ago from a country far away called England. From that moment I was entranced. Now my teacher wouldn’t let me do my whole report on England, it had to be a city, so that’s when my love afair with London began.

And it’s been a long and arduous love afair. From the moment I turned 18, that’s all I was going to do, move to London, but then school, boys, holidays to other countries, and moving to another city all took me away from my one true love. But not for much longer. At 29, I have decided that it’s high time that I make the move. High time I did’t let anything else get in the way. So that’s what Im doing. Come 25th July, the adventure starts and the next phase of my life begins.