It’s been a rollercoaster couple of weeks. Skyscraper ups, and stomach churning downs and all because I am so excited. You know the feeling of being 6 years old on Christmas Eve? When you know that you need to fall asleep because if you don’t Father Christmas won’t come? and how it takes you ages just to close your eyes because all you can think of is the presents under the tree, the lollies and choclates you will eat and the fun you are going to have the very next day? Well that’s exactly how I feel, except of course, I have 44 more sleeps to go.

Im craving the adventure, yet the planning and organisation involved over the next 44 days is exhausting. Boxes to pack, furniture to sell and pieces of my Melbourne life to put away for safe keeping. It’s certainly a rollercoaster but one I’d spend hours in a line for, just for the thrill.