The thing I didn’t really want to happen, has happened. It took its time, but here it is, casting a grey cloud over my day (although that could actually just be the weather). Homesickness has made itself known and I don’t like it. I’m craving salt air and a place I haven’t called home in 6 years. Even images of the Australian outback are causing me grief and If you know me, that does’t quite compute. Me + dust + super hot days does not equal a happy Victoria. So Im finding all this very strange. But I have been told that these weeks (4 and 5) are the hardest but that I’ll get there. So Im throwing myself into work, and into my favourite things (like taking long walks, being a tourist and fashion).

Yup, its also that time… Fashion week central! Currently New York is showing and I have become enamored with Ellery’s new collection (those shoes!) and A gorgeous, to-die-for gown by Jenny Packham. What Im most looking forward (and Im hoping it knocks the homesickness for six) is London Fashion Weekend. A day of parades, shopping and fun!

So here is to hoping that tomorrow, I wake up and the mental clouds aren’t hanging around. Homesickness can go jump in a lake.

Image from Russh Magazine