Living in London has been a complete and utter adventure. Its strange to think, that only a couple of weeks ago I was feeling mighty homesick and yet now, I forget Im even here. Last night, whilst on my way to meet S at the Savoy (yes, The Savoy!) I was walking across Waterloo Bridge minding my own business, when I stopped, turned around and saw the most amazing, sight. There, right in front of me, framed by storm clouds, was The London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. It took my breath away. Here I was standing in a city I had only ever dreamed about visiting. I had actually done it. I’d made the move and here I was.

It’s nice to feel comfortable at where my life is for a change. It’s starting to feel right. Yes, there are a few things still needing to be sorted out, like feeling comfortable in a flat that whilst gorgeous, isn’t really home and I don’t think will ever be “home” and getting a doctor/physio/dentist etc. These things will all come in time and if the flat doesn’t work out, well that’s ok too – hey I might even save some money.

Anyway, here is my life in pictures over the last couple of weeks: