Almost 7 months ago I made the huge step of packing up my life and moving across the world. It was a big move but one I don’t regret taking. It has certainly been an adventure, up days and down and I’ve come to learn that I really am not a winter girl after all. Yes maybe for a week here or there in the snow flying down a mountain with my feet strapped to a board, or whilst sitting in a cozy pub having a roast lunch and a glass of red wine but every day ice cold winds, freezing temperatures and grey skies? Hell no, bring me spring!

It’s strange how much weather can influence how you feel. Lately, I haven’t felt myself. The bright bubbly confident person I know that’s inside seems to have hibernated for the winter. Of course, having a cold that has lasted for a month doesn’t help. So I asked people I know who have come from sunny climes…. how on earth can I get myself out of this funk? And the suggestions were endless, book holidays, get a sunlamp, embrace it, vitamin D, hot chocolate, multi-vitamins, wear colour…. but the resounding suggestion was “do more of what makes you happy”. So that is what I’m going to focus on, making sure that I’m doing things I want to do, and what better way to start, than to embrace the location of this fine city by planning a 30th birthday trip to Spain for some much needed sunshine.