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It has been a while since I have posted on T&TOCG, and the reason is that I have started something new. A new blog that is dedicated to my inspirations and musings on fashion and style. Basically, where this blog was right at the very beginning and which was lost along the way.

If you feel like following along, you can find me here.



Garance Dore always takes the most beautiful photographs. Not just of fashionistas, but hotels too! This one is of a hotel in Istanbul. I’ve never really thought of going to Turkey, but her photographs are enchanting and give the place the most romantic air!

photo by Garance Dore

Sometimes you just need to be reminded…..

Image from Stuff No One Told me

This morning I stumbled across great Australian jewellery designer called Gala Curios. Thanks to Susie Bubble, I would never have known about her had I not read this great write up on her designs. Beautiful pieces of lacquered ribbons that are fashioned into rings, necklaces and headbands. Its fabulous. Now Im not a terribly girly girl, favouring an almost “rock chick” aesthetic so these pieces would add some femininity into my wardrobe without compromising on my “style”

Gala Curios also has some fantastic lace inspired pieces as well (which I’ve been told thanks to Susie Bubble, was used in Marnie Skillings runway show last year)

Images from Style Bubble

Im back home from my jaunt overseas and Im already into the swing of things back at work. My inbox was full and my boss desperate for me to get started so its been one hell of a busy day! Its nice to know that im appreaciated.

Ill write a little about my trip and post some pictures later tonight but in the meantime, I wanted to show you the look I wish I could pull off this winter… the comfy sweatshirt look thats still oh so chic!

Image of Kate Lanphear by Garance Dore

Oh how I love stumbling across new blogs. Vanessa Jackman has some really great streetstyle photographs.

This one is currently my favourite. Loving the spotty stockings and the soft blazer!!

Image by Vanessa Jackman.

It seems like everywhere I look lately and on a lot of the blogs that I read, girls are carrying the Mulberry Alexa bag.

I can see why it’s so appealing! Chic, understated, no lables or logos, simple and cant fit everything!

I wish I could say that I own one, unfortunately I don’t, but as of today it’s been added to my wishlist.

Image from Stockholm Streetstyle

Isn’t this such a cute photo? I love the girls dresses!

Image via Coco + Kelley

Dont you think these images look like they have come from a page in a children’s fairy tale book?
I’d love to live in a house like this, where the green grass is emerald in spring and covered in a blanket of white during winter. Where in summer the lake would be full of my friends, a umbrella set up whith a little table on which a jug of punch stands, ready to be served and in Autumn, the reds and oranges of the surrounding countryside entice long leisurely walks and picnics in the fallen leaves.

The turret room would of course be mine, where I could sit in the window, reading a book looking out over the icy lake and dreaming I can hear sleigh bells in the distance.

Love V

Images by Cedric Bihr via This is Glamorous

Today Im in need of a little distraction, Im feeling anxious and unsettled, must have something to do with the fact that little Stella is leaving. So this morning I have been trawling through a couple of my favourite blogs (sorry boss if you’re reading this!) and came across this post by Jo. Elle US has this delightful blog showcasing the shoes of its staff on a daily basis.

Its fabulous. I so wish I could wear glorious shoes to work everyday, but with the amount of running around I do, Im pretty sure my feet (and back) would hate me for it!

Hope you all have a beautiful day

Love V

Photos by Kelly Stuart

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