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It’s been a while since I last posted on here. Life just happened to get in the way and with settling into a new city, working hard at a new job and discovering places, people and myself, there just didn’t seem to be the time to devote to writing and blogging as I would have liked.

But I missed it terribly. The freedom to be creative, to share and to be inspired got lost and I lost a part of myself that I had cherished since I had discovered the joys of blogging a few years ago. So, with a new year already one month down and taking stock of all the things important to me, I’m back. And hopefully better than ever.  





With all the changes, ups and downs that are happening in my life at the moment, I thought that it’s high time, I take a time out to feel inspired. Here are a few of my favourite things right now.

Strawberries! Im heading to the northern summer so am hoping to find some yummy strawberries.

Chambrey Shirts and low ponytails

Inspiring words

Camelia Blossoms in bright pink

and a tree house

Images 1 & 2: Sacramento Street Image 3: Aubrey Road Image 4: This is Glamorous Image 5: Via Pinterest

I have found over the last couple of weeks, that the closer I get to moving, the more I’m thinking about family, friends and loved ones. It’s not because I’m never going to see them again, it’s more because of the fact that the dynamic between us will change slightly with me being on the other side of the world. Instead of calling me every day to talk about options for a new winter jacket, or fabric for a piece of a collection, one of my sisters is going to have to get used to sending emails and setting up Skype dates. And my mum, instead of calling her when Im walking home from work, or about to go to bed or even just because I can’t remember what ingredients need to go into her spaghetti bolognase, Im going to need to be a little more organised – especially with the time difference.

It’s a little overwhelming, but I know I can handle it. I have moved across the country and 6 years flew by in a swirl of laughter, tears and triumphs. Yes, it will be difficult at first, but friends make it easier and Im so glad that I have a few in London (and Im sure a lot more to make!) but now it’s time for the next adventure. I have been craving this for months if not years and it’s time to succumb, to be thankful for the wonderful people I have in my life that make this move what it is. Thankful that I can have times when I might be feeling homesick that I have family and friends that I care about that much and who care about me if not more and that in these times, I know that it’s part of the process of the adventure, of moving out of my comfort zone. And I’m thankful for that.

Image from This Is Glamorous

I can feel change in the air. So this quote from a very wise woman is going to act as a reminder to me today to always follow my heart.

Image from here

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending City & Color’s sold out Melbourne show at the glorious old Palais theatre. Now you could’t ask for a better venue for some folk rock music. No standing up amoungst the teenage girls scrambling to get to the front to be as close as possible to the stange “just in case” the artist notices them and decides that they are the girl of their dreams. No, it was quite civilised and very grown up.

And what a show it was. Of course it does help just a little that Dallas Green is a complete dreamboat, but It’s shows like that where I wish I had kept up with my music, picked up a guitar and hadn’t been afraid of failure.
It seems like lately, I’ve been reminising more than usual about things that could have been, should have been or would have been instead of accepting where I am and what brought me to this place. Maybe its the universe telling me a change is in the air or maybe it’s a sign and that anything I dream up is possible, I just need the courage to try……

Currently my Facebook page is being inundated by photographs my brothers are posting of the last 3 months in Tahoe USA. As much as Im happy for them being away on another adventure, Im exceptionally jealous. See this time last year, I was galavanting around Canada, being knocked off my feet on my snowboard, discovering new cultures, and generally falling in love with minus 30 degree days…. who would have thought, this girl from sunny Perth would become a snow bunny?!? Well it happened and as they say the rest is history, except the fact that I’m no where near snow at the moment (the closest snow in the Southern Hemispehere at this moment is in Mt Hutt, New Zealand caused by a freakishly severe cold front).

There are days when I wish I could jet away on another adventure, but I know my time will come. It just takes a little saving, a little organising and a little (or a lot!) of time saved up in annual leave. For now, I’m going to have to live vicariously through photographs and make snowboard turns in my dreams. maybe oneday soon I’ll be able to go, if only for a few days, on another little adventure of my own.

Image from here

Loving this pic of Kate Bosworth in the new Vanessa Bruno print campaign…makes me want to go out and buy more clothes. So I guess it’s done it’s job!
It’s really nice seeing fashion campaigns creating beautiful images, not necessarilly all about the strategically placed shoe or handbag, but images that wouldn’t be out of place in a gorgeous coffee table book.
This is certainly one of my favourites.

Image sourced from the March edition of Elle UK

From here

I’m having a style dilemma. It feels like what I like to wear, is contradicting  what I want to buy.  Now it’s a tricky situation.  I could just go out shopping and buy the things that I find appealing on the rack, yet I know as soon as I get home, they will be yet annother piece that’s banished to the back of the closet and worn only once.

You see the pieces that Im drawn too in the shops are all girly, colourful, got full skirts or longer hems.  They sit on the waist and only really look nice with stilletto heels and lady like accessories.  What I like to wear however, is a little more tom boy.  Think Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson or even Erin Wasson.  I’d be more the happy wearing every day, skinny jeans, with a silk over sized top or t shirt, skirts with boots or wedges, simple accessories with a huge handbag.  I’m a walking contradiction!

I guess the one thing that I need to keep reminding myself is not to go overboard with trends.  It’s easy to get carried away by the dresses with floral print and full skirts but will you actually ever wear them?  Are you just buying them because you feel the need to “fit in” with what everyone else is buying or wearing?  Style and fashion are two different things.  A woman can have exceptional style by wearing her clothes like they were made just for her. Its the woman wearing the clothes not the clothes wearing the woman. Whereas fashion comes and goes.  Today is ladylike glamour tomorrow its back to the 80’s.

So next time I have an urge to go buy myself something new, I’ll look at the pieces that Im drawn too, I might even try one or two on, but I’ll not let myself get down because they “don’t feel me”. Instead, I’ll embrace my style, I’ll wear it confidently and I wont let myself get swayed to think that the sunray pleat skirt will be a good purchase because after all, I know what I’ll wear and what will end up being banished to the back of the closet in a weeks time.

It seems like I’m always lacking the motivation to get my thoughts on paper (or blog as the case ay be) yet I never struggle to find time to grab a coffee or a new pair of shoes. I blame my awkward laptop and its never ending quest to leave me befuddled by its lack of speed, its tendancy to break down while im in the middle of something important and the agonising time it takes just to boot it up. So what am I going to do about it? Buy a new computer?? I think it’s my only choice.

Well the year has started, I have spent 2 glorious weeks back in the family cocoon basking in sunshine that would melt icecaps with a sky thats the most beautiful cerulean blue with air sweetly scented by the smell of the ocean and coconut suncream. But it’s back to reality today and the desk in the office that tends to be the complete opposite of warm and frankly makes me wish I had a down filled blanket wrapped all around me.

As with every year, promises are made (and broken) and things said that are better off being kept close, but this year is going to be big. I can just feel it. Maybe it’s a change that I have subconciously made or maybe it’s just me growing up and getting wiser, but one things for sure, this year I will be all of the things I want to be.

Image from Out Came the Sun

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