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Almost 7 months ago I made the huge step of packing up my life and moving across the world. It was a big move but one I don’t regret taking. It has certainly been an adventure, up days and down and I’ve come to learn that I really am not a winter girl after all. Yes maybe for a week here or there in the snow flying down a mountain with my feet strapped to a board, or whilst sitting in a cozy pub having a roast lunch and a glass of red wine but every day ice cold winds, freezing temperatures and grey skies? Hell no, bring me spring!

It’s strange how much weather can influence how you feel. Lately, I haven’t felt myself. The bright bubbly confident person I know that’s inside seems to have hibernated for the winter. Of course, having a cold that has lasted for a month doesn’t help. So I asked people I know who have come from sunny climes…. how on earth can I get myself out of this funk? And the suggestions were endless, book holidays, get a sunlamp, embrace it, vitamin D, hot chocolate, multi-vitamins, wear colour…. but the resounding suggestion was “do more of what makes you happy”. So that is what I’m going to focus on, making sure that I’m doing things I want to do, and what better way to start, than to embrace the location of this fine city by planning a 30th birthday trip to Spain for some much needed sunshine.



I’d love a workspace that was clear of clutter, was welcoming, had a comfy chair and maybe my favourite candle perched in just the right position.

Maybe then I’d get more blog posts written……

Image by Garance

Absolutely adoring this image of Sasha Pivarova from Alberta Ferretti’s Spring ’11 campaign. Alberta Ferretti always does the most etheral clothing. If only I could wear something this fabulous every day.

Images from Haute Design

This has look has me written all over it. I’m pretty sure I would fit in quite well with Parisian girls if I was wearing Isabel Marant – in fact I would even go as far to say that the style would fit in quite well with the “Melbourne” aesthetic.

Image from Who What Wear

How gorgeous is the make up and hair on Lindsay Wixon? It’s just perfect for the holidays!

Image by Hannelli

Bold lips and shiny hair and denim seem to be the look of the day at London Fashion Week.

Image from

If you have been reading my blog for a little while, you’ll know that Im very fickle when it comes to my hair. A few months ago I posted this about going blonde. Now I’ve come to realise that the easiest (but not necessarily the cheapest) way to update your look is to change your hair. So thats what I did. It’s starting to become a little cooler here in Melbourne, so in preparation for my favourite season (winter!) out went the blonde locks and in came the warm caramel and browns. I think Im in love and I feel so much more “me”.

sorry for the dodgy iPhone pic!

I found this little questionnaire in Shop til you Drop magazine whilst flying home the other day and thought it would be a great way to get you thinking about YOUR style/wardrobe.

Here are my answers:

What is the current state of your wardrobe? In between seasons. I have summery light clothes sitting next to winter pants and coats. If only Melbourne would decide what season it wants to be in. Wait, who am I kidding, that’s NEVER going to happen.

Which living persons wardrobe do you most admire? I’d honestly say my little sister Alex’s. She has this uncanny way of layering pieces and wearing things that I would never have even considered to do myself. Plus she always looks AH-MA-ZING

Which living persons style do you most despise? Heidi Montag. Enough Said.

What’s your greatest fashion fear? Walking down the street and my pants splitting. or my heel breaking off.

What item in your wardrobe do you most deplore? hm that is a very good question. I have quite a few pieces in there I havent worn in ages yet cant seem to throw them away. If I had to pick one, it would be a cheesecloth dress I bought in Thailand. Its itchy AND the elastic doesnt even hold it up any more.

What is your greatest fashion extravagance? A Lover dress I bought for the 2008 Melbourne Cup and only wore once.

What do you consider the most overated trend? Fur. I hate it.

Which fashion item would you most like to own? A Chanel 2.55

If you could change one thing about your wardrobe, what would it be? to have less black and more colour.

What do you regard as your lowest fashion moment? My “emo” stage.

Whats your favourite fashion brand? Sass and Bide, Burberry

What do you consider your greatest purchase? My winter coat. I bought it with my first ever pay check. Its knee length, black wool and still fits perfectly.

What do you most value in your friends style? Their ownership of their look and their eccentricities.

What are your style icons? Audrey Hepburn and Alexa Chung

What woud you like to die wearing? A flanalette nighty.

What’d your style motto? Don’t do a trend just because its “in.” Not everything thats out there suits everyone.

Bali is fantastic. I have one more day here before I head back to reality, so I must make the most of it!

I promise I will be back to regular posting soon, In the meantime, I hope you like these pictures I found of St Tropez, a place I would really like to visit one day.

Images: the cherry blossom girl

After reading a post on Garance Dore Ive been inspired. Inspired to give you my top 10 basics every girl needs. So here they are!

1. A oversized T in either black, grey or white. Im a big fan of Sass & Bide. They go with everything from dress pants to jeans.
2. Slim leg pants. Im a recent convert to only picking up a pair when I couldnt handle wear my jeans to work every day. I’ve got mine cropped at just the right length – just at my ankle
3. A long line cardigan. Worn with sky high heels, this is an easy way to make you look (and feel) taller!
4. Comfy pair of ballet flats. Id love a pair by Repetto, but alas I only own Country Road (for the time being)
5. A blazer jacket. Whether its got structured shoulders, is military or loose fitting, a jacket fits every occasion
6. Red lipstick. A MUST for every girls make up bag. It can make the most tired face look alive in just one swoosh.
7. Indigo Skinny jeans. dress them up or down and get comfy!
8. A super high pair of heels. This goes without saying.
9. A trench. The quintessential cover up. Invest in a good one because these will never go out of fashion
10. A leather handbag. Big enough to fit everything and the kitchen sink, but not so big as to take over your entire outfit. Im currently loving the Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Studded bag.

So there you have it, what I think every girl should have in her wardrobe. What is your top 10?

Love V

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