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Living in London has been a complete and utter adventure. Its strange to think, that only a couple of weeks ago I was feeling mighty homesick and yet now, I forget Im even here. Last night, whilst on my way to meet S at the Savoy (yes, The Savoy!) I was walking across Waterloo Bridge minding my own business, when I stopped, turned around and saw the most amazing, sight. There, right in front of me, framed by storm clouds, was The London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. It took my breath away. Here I was standing in a city I had only ever dreamed about visiting. I had actually done it. I’d made the move and here I was.

It’s nice to feel comfortable at where my life is for a change. It’s starting to feel right. Yes, there are a few things still needing to be sorted out, like feeling comfortable in a flat that whilst gorgeous, isn’t really home and I don’t think will ever be “home” and getting a doctor/physio/dentist etc. These things will all come in time and if the flat doesn’t work out, well that’s ok too – hey I might even save some money.

Anyway, here is my life in pictures over the last couple of weeks:


I have found over the last couple of weeks, that the closer I get to moving, the more I’m thinking about family, friends and loved ones. It’s not because I’m never going to see them again, it’s more because of the fact that the dynamic between us will change slightly with me being on the other side of the world. Instead of calling me every day to talk about options for a new winter jacket, or fabric for a piece of a collection, one of my sisters is going to have to get used to sending emails and setting up Skype dates. And my mum, instead of calling her when Im walking home from work, or about to go to bed or even just because I can’t remember what ingredients need to go into her spaghetti bolognase, Im going to need to be a little more organised – especially with the time difference.

It’s a little overwhelming, but I know I can handle it. I have moved across the country and 6 years flew by in a swirl of laughter, tears and triumphs. Yes, it will be difficult at first, but friends make it easier and Im so glad that I have a few in London (and Im sure a lot more to make!) but now it’s time for the next adventure. I have been craving this for months if not years and it’s time to succumb, to be thankful for the wonderful people I have in my life that make this move what it is. Thankful that I can have times when I might be feeling homesick that I have family and friends that I care about that much and who care about me if not more and that in these times, I know that it’s part of the process of the adventure, of moving out of my comfort zone. And I’m thankful for that.

Image from This Is Glamorous

It’s been a rollercoaster couple of weeks. Skyscraper ups, and stomach churning downs and all because I am so excited. You know the feeling of being 6 years old on Christmas Eve? When you know that you need to fall asleep because if you don’t Father Christmas won’t come? and how it takes you ages just to close your eyes because all you can think of is the presents under the tree, the lollies and choclates you will eat and the fun you are going to have the very next day? Well that’s exactly how I feel, except of course, I have 44 more sleeps to go.

Im craving the adventure, yet the planning and organisation involved over the next 44 days is exhausting. Boxes to pack, furniture to sell and pieces of my Melbourne life to put away for safe keeping. It’s certainly a rollercoaster but one I’d spend hours in a line for, just for the thrill.

Well I’ve done what I was hoping to have done a month ago and that is book my ticket to Canada! I’m super excited. In six months I’ll heading off on a snowboarding adventure to the mountains of British Columbia.

By the end of the trip I plan to look like this:

Ok I probably won’t look as good as that, but a girl can hope can’t she?

I love having a holiday booked. It gives me something to save my money for and seeing as I can’t save for sh*t, I need the motivation. As my mother says, 6 months will be here before I know it. But hopefully not too soon, I still have alot of saving to do!

Photo by Dan Himbrechts

Apparently this week there is going to be a New Moon + an eclipse which means things will propably be a little topsy turvy this week. I dont know about you, but i tend to get a bit anxious around the time of a new moon. My feet start to itch like they want to go on a journey to a far away place, where there is excitement to be found and new people to meet.


Love V

Ps. I cant remember where i found this image. OOOPS! But i do know its from Disney’s Peter Pan

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