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London, day three. Harrods, what can I say. Glorious department store, just really not me. Dark, gloomy and too many people trying to get me to try on perfume – even when I said no. Selfridges? Well that’s a lot better.

After a walk through Hyde Park, I found myself back on Oxford Street. Right in front of Topshop. Again. I think this might be the start of a delightful friendship. Not just with Topshop (I’m a friendly girl) but with all the retailers along that strip.

And there the day went. After getting my nails done, I walked around with no real clear destination, just with the aim to “get lost” and lost I got. But what I found, I’d be happy with for the rest of my life…. Carnaby Street and Liberty’s. Here I was, In front of a shop that I had only read about. Yes seen the fabric but never actually expected it to be as awesome as it actually was. 30 minutes later, out I walked with a purple bag and my wallet just that little bit lighter.

And here I am, after a delightful day out amoungst the hustle and bustle of a lively city, a cocktail is in my hand, writing this from the bar of my hotel. Now, if only a young gentleman would pop my way to say hello the day couldn’t get much better.


London, day two. Jet lag, the naughty beast allowed me only 4 hours sleep. 4 hours I wish were doubled. But I was determined to get the most out of the day. My first full day in this glorious city. Plus, the Olympics were to start!

Up I hopped, the sun was shining and I was off to see the Queen. Well Buckingham Palace at least. I can’t tell you how amazing the day was, walking pathways that were built over a hundred years ago, by parks where the grass was let to grow and deck chairs were scattered where the sun decided to land. It was mesmerising.

I arrived at the Palace just in time to see the changing of the guards. Along with the hordes of other people, I played the tourist, took the obligatory photographs then continued on my way (not without waving to Her Majesty – who I’m sure was peeking out from behind the curtain).

Up the road, I marveled at almost everything I saw feeling just like a little child on Christmas day. I guess It really was Christmas day for me, what with wanting to do this trip for so long. And then I looked up… and there was Big Ben. He took me completely by surprise. And he was as majestic as I thought he would be.

And I just kept on walking, stumbling into Nelsons Column in Trafalga Square, to the bright lights of Picadilly Circus then straight into Topshop and H&M. Of course, a day out in London, wouldn’t be complete without a few little purchases (namely a pair of shoes and an entirely new outfit). What was I supposed to do? I hadn’t been shopping for a whole 6 months! Finally I felt like myself again.

Bags in hand, I headed back to the glorious York & Albany hotel where I was staying for a few nights to freshen up before heading back out to a cute little pub with S to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony over a few ciders and laughs.

By the time that my head hit the deliciously soft pillow I was out like a light and Jet Lag had walked out of my life with only the memories.

Why is it that when Im on a budget (and a tight one might I add) that I always come across things that just NEED to be in my wardrobe. Take for example thie T by Alexander Wang Maxi dress.

Would be the perfect piece, keep it simple with a statement necklace and heels and throw on a biker jacket for warmth.


Image from Net-a-Porter

The other day, my friend (Audrey James – check out his blog here) and I visited the new Burberry store in Chadstone. Oh how nice all the sales staff were! Far from the usual treatment I find I receive in luxury good stores. Even though I wasn’t buying (and neither was Audrey James) they were very helpful. So thanks Burberry Chadstone staff for a lovely experience in store!

So onto the “other” purpose for this post….. I cant wait until this coat arrives in store. Its from the Pre Fall 2010 collection. Maybe by the time it reaches the shores of Australia (sometime in 2011 im assuming), I’ll be able to afford it.

Love V

Image via Brigadeiro

Summer here in Australia is a beautiful time of the year. Its summer holidays home, lazy days on the beach and the festive season which means LOTS of parties and chances to dress up!

Im not a girl who tends to wear alot of colour, my friends have given me the challenge of brightening up my summer wardrobe. And who can resist a challenge when it involves shopping! so today when I was on my lunch break, I came across the most divine summer dress by Woodford & Co and I couldnt resist posting some pictures of their summer collection so you can all see.

Everytime I see one of Sheree Commerford’s designs in the shops, I cant help but imagine being in Miami, Long Island or even right home in Perth, sitting at a cafe by the beach. Everything about them screams cool elegance. And the summer collection is just that!

So here are a few of my favourite designs from the summer 2009 collection….the pink and orange “Just Divine” dress is next on my shopping list!

woodford and co 2
woodford and co 1
woodford and co 3
woodford and co 4

Love V

Images from Woodford & Co

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