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It has been a while since I have posted on T&TOCG, and the reason is that I have started something new. A new blog that is dedicated to my inspirations and musings on fashion and style. Basically, where this blog was right at the very beginning and which was lost along the way.

If you feel like following along, you can find me here.



London, day three. Harrods, what can I say. Glorious department store, just really not me. Dark, gloomy and too many people trying to get me to try on perfume – even when I said no. Selfridges? Well that’s a lot better.

After a walk through Hyde Park, I found myself back on Oxford Street. Right in front of Topshop. Again. I think this might be the start of a delightful friendship. Not just with Topshop (I’m a friendly girl) but with all the retailers along that strip.

And there the day went. After getting my nails done, I walked around with no real clear destination, just with the aim to “get lost” and lost I got. But what I found, I’d be happy with for the rest of my life…. Carnaby Street and Liberty’s. Here I was, In front of a shop that I had only read about. Yes seen the fabric but never actually expected it to be as awesome as it actually was. 30 minutes later, out I walked with a purple bag and my wallet just that little bit lighter.

And here I am, after a delightful day out amoungst the hustle and bustle of a lively city, a cocktail is in my hand, writing this from the bar of my hotel. Now, if only a young gentleman would pop my way to say hello the day couldn’t get much better.

London, day one. It all started with a torturous few moments at the Etihad check in desk whereby the check in clerk, managed to make me cry. So far not my proudest moment. I had been good all day, then the bombshell.My bags were too heavy. Duh. I could have told them that. What I couldn’t tell though was that I couldn’t take my carry on bag because “madame, your ‘handbag’, is too big to be a handbag, you can only take one bag on board and it must be 7kg.” And I crumbled. Literally became hysterical at the check in desk. It didn’t occur to me that I could probably do without some of the things in my bag, all I could think about is that those things they just dismissed were my only connection to home.

But then I was up in the air…. and then I was down again.

From the moment I stepped off the plane, I knew that this was going to be an adventure I wouldn’t dare forget. My bags were heavy, but I was full of adrenalin and I felt invincible. Then jet lag made his first appearance. And my God, what an appearance it was. Again, with the crumbling. But what I came to realise once I had taken a shower and spoken to my mum, was that I was in London. A dream that I had held onto for 20 years, and wasn’t really sure If I would ever fulfill. Not because, I didn’t have the means, but because, I had such high expectations, that I wasn’t really sure if what I had dreamed, could actually become a reality. But it could. And here I was. So I picked myself up, put on a brave face and went out into the world….

For “Welcome to London” mojitos with a friend. And what a welcome it was.

I can feel change in the air. So this quote from a very wise woman is going to act as a reminder to me today to always follow my heart.

Image from here

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending City & Color’s sold out Melbourne show at the glorious old Palais theatre. Now you could’t ask for a better venue for some folk rock music. No standing up amoungst the teenage girls scrambling to get to the front to be as close as possible to the stange “just in case” the artist notices them and decides that they are the girl of their dreams. No, it was quite civilised and very grown up.

And what a show it was. Of course it does help just a little that Dallas Green is a complete dreamboat, but It’s shows like that where I wish I had kept up with my music, picked up a guitar and hadn’t been afraid of failure.
It seems like lately, I’ve been reminising more than usual about things that could have been, should have been or would have been instead of accepting where I am and what brought me to this place. Maybe its the universe telling me a change is in the air or maybe it’s a sign and that anything I dream up is possible, I just need the courage to try……

Currently my Facebook page is being inundated by photographs my brothers are posting of the last 3 months in Tahoe USA. As much as Im happy for them being away on another adventure, Im exceptionally jealous. See this time last year, I was galavanting around Canada, being knocked off my feet on my snowboard, discovering new cultures, and generally falling in love with minus 30 degree days…. who would have thought, this girl from sunny Perth would become a snow bunny?!? Well it happened and as they say the rest is history, except the fact that I’m no where near snow at the moment (the closest snow in the Southern Hemispehere at this moment is in Mt Hutt, New Zealand caused by a freakishly severe cold front).

There are days when I wish I could jet away on another adventure, but I know my time will come. It just takes a little saving, a little organising and a little (or a lot!) of time saved up in annual leave. For now, I’m going to have to live vicariously through photographs and make snowboard turns in my dreams. maybe oneday soon I’ll be able to go, if only for a few days, on another little adventure of my own.

Image from here

Loving this pic of Kate Bosworth in the new Vanessa Bruno print campaign…makes me want to go out and buy more clothes. So I guess it’s done it’s job!
It’s really nice seeing fashion campaigns creating beautiful images, not necessarilly all about the strategically placed shoe or handbag, but images that wouldn’t be out of place in a gorgeous coffee table book.
This is certainly one of my favourites.

Image sourced from the March edition of Elle UK

It seems like I’m always lacking the motivation to get my thoughts on paper (or blog as the case ay be) yet I never struggle to find time to grab a coffee or a new pair of shoes. I blame my awkward laptop and its never ending quest to leave me befuddled by its lack of speed, its tendancy to break down while im in the middle of something important and the agonising time it takes just to boot it up. So what am I going to do about it? Buy a new computer?? I think it’s my only choice.

Well the year has started, I have spent 2 glorious weeks back in the family cocoon basking in sunshine that would melt icecaps with a sky thats the most beautiful cerulean blue with air sweetly scented by the smell of the ocean and coconut suncream. But it’s back to reality today and the desk in the office that tends to be the complete opposite of warm and frankly makes me wish I had a down filled blanket wrapped all around me.

As with every year, promises are made (and broken) and things said that are better off being kept close, but this year is going to be big. I can just feel it. Maybe it’s a change that I have subconciously made or maybe it’s just me growing up and getting wiser, but one things for sure, this year I will be all of the things I want to be.

Image from Out Came the Sun

After an amazing 4 days in the snow, flying down the mountain on my snowboard and falling over a few too many times, Im finding it hard to get back into the swing of things back in the city.

The cool alpine air cleared my mind and made me evaluate some things in my life which arent going the way i want them too or making me happy. So i guess now its time to put plans into action and start making things happen!

Its a little hard to grasp the fact that I might have to make some sacrifices to make the things i want happen, I guess i have been complacent with what i have for so long that its going to take a little getting used to.

Love V

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