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London day 4 & 5. Ok, so the promise to myself about blogging my adventures everyday has hit a bit of a curve ball. Namely because Im way too tired to boot up my computer after a long day of exploring.

The last few days have been wonderful. From watching the Olympic woman’s road race with S and just walking around the city, I have found so many things I hadn’t expected. I think that I will be in awe of this city for many weeks (if not months and years) to come.

Yesterday I just kept walking, a different direction than what I know (yes I kept away from Oxford street) and found myself walking up alley ways and stumbling across the Stella McCartney store in Mayfair. One day, I’ll buy something from the shop, just to say I did.

I walked past Saville Row whilst wearing Haviannas and looking like a complete tourist, past Horseguards Parade where the Olympic Beach Volley ball was being played and unfortunately, no Prince Harry (he was rumored to be in attendance), past a leafy park, the London Eye and there it was… Big Ben. Probably the most iconic of all British landmarks. And I was standing right in front of him. AHHHH a dream come true.

It’s moments like this that make me want to pinch myself. I can’t believe Im here!!


Today is my last day at work and it’s bitter sweet. It’s very strange leaving a routine and a lifestyle that you are comfortable with for a life of just living in the moment.
But, Im sure, that once I pack up the final pieces of my life here in Melbourne, and arrive in London, settle in and start a routine, things will settle down.

I saw online today this picture, it explains so much about who I am and what Im feeling right at this second, I couldn’t not post….

Image via Pinterest

I think it’s high time I posted something new on here. What with taking on social media responsibilities for two clients at work, I havent had much time too look after my own social media responsibilities! So I’m biting the bullet, putting clients on hold for 10 minutes and posting this for you.

Liberty London Girl recently had a guest post on Kenya on her blog… Now I’ve never been tempted to go to Africa but after seeing the pictures on her blog, I think Kenya might just have to be added to my “places to go” list. It looks idyllic and just the kind of place where you could combine adventure, with relaxation. Granted, I’ve heard some stories about other countries in Africa, but none about Kenya. Have any of you been??

Images from Liberty London Girl

Well I’ve done what I was hoping to have done a month ago and that is book my ticket to Canada! I’m super excited. In six months I’ll heading off on a snowboarding adventure to the mountains of British Columbia.

By the end of the trip I plan to look like this:

Ok I probably won’t look as good as that, but a girl can hope can’t she?

I love having a holiday booked. It gives me something to save my money for and seeing as I can’t save for sh*t, I need the motivation. As my mother says, 6 months will be here before I know it. But hopefully not too soon, I still have alot of saving to do!

Photo by Dan Himbrechts

It feels like forever since my last holiday, yet it was actually only 2 months ago. Strange how time flies. Now Im dreaming of my next vacation. Im sure Australia has some fantastic getaway places, but I just can’t go past this resort in Palm Springs…The Parker.
Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere recently stayed here and it looks SO fabulous. Perfect place to spend some quality time with your beloved.

Images: The Parker Palm Springs

I have a slight case of post holiday blues this week. But I cant complain, I had a fantastic trip with my sisters and my mum.
While away I bought a fantastic dress from designer Magali Pascal. Her store in Bali was a feast of beautiful clothes. I so wish I had bought some more (especially the dress and bag in the window of the shop – image 5).

And in case you are wondering, images 2 and 7 are of my beautiful sisters, Tash and Alex.

As promised, here are some pictures of my time away.

Its Friday and I finally got through my first week back at work, away from the ocean without tooo much drama. Ok, I cracked yesterday and got a decent serving of post holiday blues, but Im ok now, raring to go into the weekend with a smile. I couldn’t help starting to think warm and happy thoughts when I saw these photos from Garance Dore and The Sartorialist of their trip to Brazil.

The colours are so warm and inviting. I can almost feel the sensation of having just walked out of a cool place into the scorching heat of the sun. Blinded by all the colours with the faint sound of the waves and the air tinged with salt.

My aunt is Brazilian and images like these make me want to pack a suitcase with my nices bathers, get a spary tan and jump on the next plane out, just so I can experience for myself all the things she speaks about when I get a chance to talk to her. Maybe one day, I’ll get the chance, but for now I’ll have to just live in my daydreams.

Love V

Images from Garance and The Sartorialist

Next year, My little sister is turning 21 so we decided that to mark the occasion, my sisters and I decided we would take a trip to Bali!

We are looking into staying at the DIVINE Ayana Resort in Jimbaran Bay. Nestled on the southern tip of Bali, the resort has its own private beach and amazing views of the Indian Ocean. We dont want to have a party trip so we throught that being in a place that has its own spa, a few restaurants and a great selection of swimming pools (even one that overlooks the cliff side!) will be a relaxing time away. Hopefully all goes to plan and this is where we stay! Dont you think its the most beautiful place ever!

Love V

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